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If you’re convicted of a crime in Pennsylvania, you can apply for a pardon to have your conviction cleared from your record or to have a sentence commuted. If you are convicted of certain less-serious Pennsylvania crimes, you can also apply for an expungement that removes a conviction from your record.

Both processes can be complicated. A person seeking to have an arrest or criminal conviction expunged from their record must usually fill out an application or petition and submit the paperwork to the proper criminal court for a judge’s review and decision.

Unlike an expungement, which is available only for minor offenses, a pardon can remove a serious crime from your record or even result in the termination of a sentence. Pardons are not easy to get, but can remove obstacles to getting a job, housing, a college degree, or a professional license after your conviction. Yet, any person who has been convicted of a crime in Pennsylvania can apply for a pardon. An experienced criminal attorney can ensure that your application for an expungement or pardon is complete and help you through the process.

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