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Internet Solicitation

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If you have been charged with Internet solicitation of a minor in a sting operation, you need a lawyer experienced with sex crime cases. Sex crimes are serious — even when no one was actually harmed or because the person on the other side of the communication is actually a law enforcement official. The penalties are severe and can include prison time as well as sex offender registration under Megan’s Law/SORNA.

Caught in a sting? Get a lawyer. Do not try to explain what happened to the police or a prosecutor without first contacting an attorney from Tucker Arensberg. We will provide complete confidentiality plus a strong defense.

We will work in your best interests. Getting drawn into an e-mail sting can place you in a difficult situation. At our law firm, we have talked to clients who were curious, who were acting out a fantasy, who never intended to harm a child. Your lawyer will work with you to determine your options.

If you have been arrested for internet solicitation of a minor, you need to know that this is a serious charge that can follow you for years. It is best to have an attorney who has experience with sex crime defense — a defense attorney from Tucker Arensberg. Contact us for a free consultation.