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Money laundering is an integral component of many criminal activities, with individuals needing to “clean” money that has been obtained illegally in order to use it without suspicion. Associations between money laundering and drug trafficking, prostitution, other white-collar crimes, and even terrorism have led the government to devote more resources to the investigation and prosecution of money laundering charges.

Money laundering includes any financial transaction that is designed and used to hide, disguise, or protect funds and assets obtained through criminal activity and to make them appear to be profits generated from the business used for this purpose. Those who engage in money laundering often will do whatever it takes to create the appearance of legality including paying state or federal taxes on these false profits. Through such exploits, they gain the ability to spend their “profits” without causing suspicion or inviting an investigation into their ill-gotten gains. Money laundering is considered a serious state or federal crime and is punishable by up to 20 years in prison and fines often twice the value of the money involved in the crime. The State of Pennsylvania carries similar penalties as the federal government.

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