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Summary Traffic Appeals

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If you plead guilty to a traffic ticket or were convicted and don’t like the result, you may have an opportunity to get a new trial if you act quickly. A summary appeal is an appeal of a conviction for a traffic offense that occurred in Magisterial District Court. If you have mailed in a guilty plea, or were found guilty after a hearing, then you have been convicted of the offense. To appeal a summary conviction, a summary appeal is filed at the Court of Common Pleas in the county where the traffic or non-traffic charges originated. If properly and timely filed, a summary appeal allows you to get a new trial before a Common Pleas Court Judge.

Once you plead guilty or have been found guilty of a summary offense, you have 30 days to file an appeal to have your case heard by a Common Pleas Judge. Once you file your appeal, you will be given a notice with the date for your summary appeals hearing. At this hearing, you have the right and opportunity to present evidence, have your witnesses heard and to be represented by counsel. These are your rights, use them and hire an attorney who is experienced in the summary appeals process to answer your questions, explain the consequences and to present a defense to the charges lodged against you. Complete our contact form for a free consultation regarding your specific charges.