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If you have been accused of obtaining property from someone else by intentional deception, you could be charged with criminal fraud. If you have been charged with fraud or if you are under investigation, talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Lying about an insurance claim, setting up a bank account under someone else’s name or using someone else’s credit card could result in charges of criminal fraud.

Have you been accused of insurance fraud? An inflated claim for damages — over-valuing stolen items, exaggerating the cost of repairs or claiming non-existent injuries in a car accident — can be a basis for fraud charges. If an insurance company alleges fraud, contact a lawyer.

Overbilling or false billing is health care fraud. Billing for non-existent patients or for services not rendered can be charged as health care fraud, Medicare fraud or Medicaid fraud. So can overbilling for services.

Credit card and identity theft can lead to fraud charges. If you are suspected of using someone else’s credit card, Social Security number or other information to open a bank account or to obtain a loan or credit card, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Defending charges of fraud can require knowledge of financial transactions and an ability to follow the money. When necessary, we bring in the appropriate experts to investigate the case.

Fraud charges may be tried in federal or state court. Our attorneys have experience in both types of cases. If you have been charged with fraud, contact a criminal defense attorney at Tucker Arensberg for a free consultation.