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After a drunk driving arrest, many people are shocked to see what they are up against. DUI prosecutions get tougher all the time. The best option is to have a DUI defense attorney who understands the laws and has the experience to represent you. At the Tucker Arensberg law firm, we have the experience. Our DUI defense attorneys are here to help you understand the charges, the process and the potential outcomes.

There are three tiers of DUI penalties. Every DUI conviction carries serious consequences, even a first offense. The higher the BAC (blood alcohol content), the greater the penalties. Tier one DUI general impairment is defined as a BAC of .08-.099. Tier two high rate is a BAC of .10-.1599. Tier three highest rate is a BAC of .16 or higher.

What are the penalties? Possible penalties include license suspension, jail time, fines and costs, and mandatory classes. As the BAC tier rises, the penalties become harsher. Penalties are also increased for multiple offenses.

For our clients, we do our own investigation of the arrest. When appropriate, we challenge the stop and the breath or blood test evidence. What was the reason for the stop? Was there probable cause to arrest? Were the BAC tests properly administered by trained personnel using carefully calibrated equipment?

A DUI conviction has serious consequences that can complicate your life for years to come. Make sure you understand the consequences and that you have a DUI defense lawyer who is experienced and who is willing to work hard for you. Contact the DUI defense attorneys at Tucker Arensberg.