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Megan’s Law / SORNA

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Unlike any other crime, completing a prison sentence for a sex crime begins another type of sentence — the requirement to register as a sex offender or a sexually violent predator under the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA)/Megan’s Law. This Megan’s Law requirement can mean 15 years or a lifetime of registration.

At the Tucker Arensberg law firm, our criminal defense lawyers work hard for clients facing sex crime charges. We know the collateral damage that comes with a conviction or a guilty plea. Our attorneys can stand by you and contest the findings as you go through the Megan’s Law evaluation process.

The sexual offender assessment board (SOAB) will compile a report. Ultimately, the SOAB will decide how to categorize the sex offender under the state’s Megan’s Law statute.

An SVP (sexually violent predator) faces a lifetime of registration. If SOAB determines that someone is a sexually violent predator (SVP), that person will face a lifetime of conditions. Neighbors will be informed, and the SVPs photo will be on the Internet for life.

Have you been charged with a Megan’s Law violation? A failure to notify authorities can mean going back to prison. Contact our law firm. We can represent you and explain your situation in court where a judge will ultimately determine what happens next.

Sex crimes are serious. The potential penalties may affect you for the rest of your life. We know the laws and we know how to effectively represent you in Pennsylvania courtrooms. Contact us for a free consultation about how Megan’s Law might affect you.