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Drug Crimes

Prescription Fraud

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Misrepresenting yourself to a doctor or pharmacist, doctor shopping, or being dishonest when obtaining controlled substances from a doctor or pharmacist are examples of prescription fraud. Physicians who prescribe drugs without a legitimate purpose may be accused of prescription fraud as well. Controlled substances are drugs listed by the states or on the federal list of five drug classifications. These include opiates, depressants, and stimulants. Some of the drugs most commonly sought are morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, valium, and darvocet.

Some other examples of prescription drug fraud include:

  • Forging prescriptions on a stolen physician’s pad
  • Use of computers to create fake prescriptions
  • Impersonating medical staff to call in prescriptions and using own number as call-back confirmation
  • Altering the drug quantity on a physician’s prescription

The usual criminal defenses are available in prescription drug cases, including challenges to illegal search and seizures, defective search warrants, and other constitutional violations. Consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential when charged with a drug crime. It can mean the difference between a bright or an uncertain future. Contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately if you have been charged with a fraudulent prescription transaction.