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Government contracting fraud costs the United States millions of dollars each year, which is why accusations are often aggressively investigated and prosecuted. Government contracting fraud can occur anytime the government contracts with a private entity.

Fraudulent activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Falsifying information on contract proposals
  • Using Federal funds to purchase items that are not for Government use
  • Billing more than one contract for the same work
  • Billing for expenses not incurred as part of the contract
  • Billing for work that was never performed
  • Falsifying data
  • Substituting approved materials with unauthorized products
  • Misrepresenting a project’s status to continue receiving Government funds
  • Charging higher rates than those stated or negotiated for in the bid or contract
  • Influencing government employees to award a grant or contract to a particular company, family member, or friend
The Tucker Arensberg criminal defense team defends individuals facing charges of government contracting fraud, ensuring that their rights are protected throughout the investigation and at trial. We work closely with our clients to uncover the evidence and to build a strong defense, and to conduct internal investigations to rectify any potential issues upfront. Our partnership extends throughout the case including the trial and any future appeals.

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