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Internal Investigations

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An investigation can be directed by an outside entity, sought by the company’s Board of Directors, or requested by management. It is essential to gather the facts and provide the client with a comprehensive understanding while maintaining minimal disruption to an organization.

An internal investigation involves a comprehensive evaluation of potential liability. Including developing a factual record and understanding which facts are relevant, identifying legal issues with which clients should be concerned, and directing the practical aspects of the investigation.

The attorneys of Tucker Arensberg have the skill, expertise, and experience necessary to conduct a detailed, objective, and, when required, confidential investigation. Our diverse group of nearly 80 attorneys possess the capability of not only conducting the investigation, but also assembling and leading diverse individuals with specialized backgrounds to provide a comprehensive assessment of the situation. We work with current and former law enforcement investigators and officials, current and former government officials, and nationally recognized experts in their respective fields to provide comprehensive and thorough investigation and factual record while cooperating with the necessary government agencies when appropriate.

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